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Sentido de Vida en el Tercer Acto
Sep 9 2018 a las 9:30 am – Mar 29 2019 a las 11:30 am
Chanukah Sale on tickets for Vartn Af Godot
Dic 23 2018 a las 8:04 am – Ene 27 2019 a las 9:04 am

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Chanukah Sale
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Vartn Af Godot
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Jaramar presenta: El Jardín de la Reina (cantos sefaradíes) @ Sinagoga Histórica
Ene 20 a las 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Sweet & Sour Safe Haven
Ene 20 a las 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The CIYCL 2018-19 Showcase of Contemporary Yiddish Culture
די 2018-19 פֿאָרשטעלונגס סעריע
פֿון הײַנטצײַטיקער ייִדישער קולטור
זיסער און זויערער מקום־מיקלט
Ziser un zoyerer mokem-miklet
Dear Friend of Yiddish,
Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Jews rescued by Japanese dignitaries, but what happened when they arrived at their ultimate destination, the great open port of Shanghai, China?
Do you think it was merely one long feast of Chinese food?
Think again.
And join us for this fascinating story of resilience, historic turmoil, hardship,
kinship and compassion.
See below for details and RSVP.

װען WHEN: Sunday
January 20, 2019
װוּ WHERE:
Santa Monica Synagogue
1448 18th St.(co. Broadway),
Santa Monica, CA
װיפֿל Tickets:
$12 General; $10 CIYCL & SMS members; Free to FT students


At the start of WW II. 20,000 Jewish refugees made it to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, even as a revolution was raging in China and the Japanese were about to occupy the city.
  • How did these mostly peniless refugees manage in a totally alien culture?
  • Did they maintain their Jewish religious and cultural ways?
  • What befell them when the enemy allied with Hitler, Japan, commanded the city?
  • How did their experience differ from previous Jewish immigrants to Shanghai?
  • Why did none of them remain at the end of the War in a city to which Jews had already contributed so much?
Please join our special guest Dvir Bar-Gal for a lively presentation on this extraordinary and little-known story. (In English)

Dvir Bar-Gal

is an Israeli TV creator and photojournalist who has made Shanghai his home since 2001. Since 2003 Bar-Gal has been leading the Shanghai Jewish Heritage tours and is a popular speaker all over the US about this long-gone community . He has published three photography books and the first Passover Haggadah of China.
In addition to illuminating the fascinating history of Jewish settlement in 19th and 20th Century Shanghai, he has made it his life’s mission to search for the lost Jewish cemeteries and their displaced gravestones.
Our co-sponsor:
Are you coming to CIYCL’s event?
Santa Monica Synagogue, 1448 18th St.(co. Broadway), Santa Monica, CA

01/20/19 4:00pm – 01/20/19 6:00pm

A multi-media presentation on the unique situation of some thousands of European Jewish refugees who made it to China during the Holocaust.

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SWEET & SOUR SAFE HAVEN: Jew ish Refugees in Shanghai
Ene 20 a las 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Conferencia: La Tolerancia Como Respuesta al Antisemitismo en la Actualidad
Ene 21 a las 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
¿Cómo puedo apoyar a mi [email protected] la uni?
Ene 23 a las 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Musical de Sergio Padilla @ KOL HANISAYON MEXICO
Ene 27 a las 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Habrá comida que se servirá al termino de éste.
El XVI Festival Internacional De Cine Judío En El Centro Cultural Tijuana
Ene 29 a las 8:30 pm – Ene 31 a las 10:30 pm
El XVI Festival Internacional De Cine Judío  En El Centro Cultural Tijuana

Gracias a la colaboración con Isidoro Hamui, director del FICJM, podremos exhibir en la Sala Carlos Monsiváis tres cintas de este Festival, se trata de películas contemporáneas que dan un panorama general de la producción cinematográfica judía más reciente, hay documental, drama y comedia”, Carlos Sarabia, coordinador de la Sala Carlos Monsiváis.

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Lineage Season: Deep Roots
Feb 9 a las 7:30 pm – Feb 10 a las 2:00 pm
La Jolla Symphony & Chorus Lineage Season: Deep Roots

February 9 @ 7:30pm – February 10 @ 2:00pm, 2019
Steven Schick, conductor

LJ White New Work
Philip Glass Cello Concerto No. 2
Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 3

Soloist: Katinka Kleijn, cello (pictured)

Katinka Kleijn–champion of new music and a member of the Chicago Symphony–is soloist in Philip Glass’ graceful Second Cello Concerto, drawn from his score to the film Noqoyqatsi. The concert concludes with one of Anton Bruckner’s most compact and attractive symphonies, dedicated to Wagner and full of Bruckner’s glorious writing for brass. Emerging composer LJ White adds to the fun with a new work commissioned by the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus.

Prices for each event are as follows:

$35 Adult

$32 Senior (65+)

$15 Student (35-)